SPC lock floor installation steps

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Precautions before installing the lock floor
1. Floor paving shall be carried out after the ground concealed works, ceiling works, wall works, hydropower projects are completed and accepted.
2. There is no cross-construction phenomenon at the installation site, and there are no special construction restrictions.
3, the requirements of the ground: clean (no obvious construction waste, etc.), dry (refer to the ground humidity should be less than 20%, no wet or leaking), leveling (detecting the ground flatness at 2M by foot, relying on the ruler and The maximum chord height of the ground should be ≤ 2mm) and firm (the foundation strength and thickness of the ground should meet the housing acceptance requirements). Generally, self-leveling on the original ground can meet these requirements.
4, the corner reserve height: lock-type moisture-proof floor mat 1-3mm, floor height 18mm, a total of 21mm, according to the lock floor and other ground contact parts are higher than the floor finished product height reserved, especially the door Sets, corners, heating hoods and other irregular details should also be handled.
5. Loss: The loss of the floor varies according to the size and shape of the room, and whether there are any special shapes (such as ground, partition, etc.). Generally speaking, the room is square and large, and the loss is small. In general, it is less than 5%. For 3%-5%, the loss of the profiled structure is likely to exceed 5%.

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Lock floor installation process
1. Cut the lower part of the gate so that the floor has a 10mm expansion joint along all the walls.
2, laying moisture-proof film, the thickness of the film should not be too high, generally 1-2 mm. The overlap between the two films is required to be 20 cm, and the wall requirements are 5 cm higher.
3. When installing the floor, lay it along the direction of light entering the window.
4. Check if the wall is straight. Starting from the right hand corner, the groove is facing the room. The remaining material in the first line can be used for the start of the next line.
5. The lock floor can be tapped with a rubber hammer during installation, but in order to prevent damage to the lock, it is necessary to pad a special cushion and then tap.
6. If the wall is very uneven, you can draw this uneven line on the floor.
7. Confirm that the first three rows of the floor are straight, pay attention to the use of wedges to leave the expansion joint.
8. Crossing the bridge is the way to end the floor: buffer the height difference and seal the joint.

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