The winter solstice

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    The winter solstice, commonly known as the "Winter Festival", "long to the festival" or "Asian" and so on. The winter solstice is an important solar term in the 24th solar terms of the lunar calendar and a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is the "Winter Festival", so it is regarded as the big festival in winter. In ancient times, there was a saying that "the winter solstice is as big as the year". In ancient times, people who drifted in the field had to go home for the winter season at this time. The so-called "end of the year." In ancient times, there was a saying that "winter solstice is a yang", that is to say, from the day of the winter solstice, the yang slowly began to rise.
   The winter solstice is a good time to maintain health, mainly because "the gas begins in the winter solstice." Because from the beginning of winter, life activities began to change from decay to rotation. At this time, scientific health helps to ensure strong energy and prevent premature aging, and achieve the purpose of prolonging life. During the winter solstice season, the diet should be varied, and the valley, fruit, meat and vegetables should be properly matched, and high-calcium food should be used appropriately.
    There are different customs in the winter solstice. In most parts of northern China, there is a custom of eating the dumplings in the winter solstice. After thousands of years of development, the winter solstice has formed a unique festival food culture. Eating dumplings has become the custom of the winter solstice of most northern Chinese. Of course, there are exceptions such as the custom of drinking mutton soup on the winter solstice in Tengzhou City, Shandong Province, which means to drive out the cold.
    The ancients celebrated the winter solstice, although many people do not think that the festival, but the winter festival is also one of the "eight seasons of the year", the food will still let go of this holiday with a variety of winter solstice specialties: such as northern dumplings Chaoshan dumplings, southeast mochi, Taizhou Yuyuan, Hefei pumpkin cake, Ningbo sweet potato soup, Tengzhou mutton soup, Jiangnan rice, Suzhou wine and so on.
Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.

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