The Double Ninth Festival

yh January 01,1970

    The Double Ninth Festival (also known as the "Old Man's Day") is the traditional festival of the Han nationality on the 9th of the lunar calendar every year. Because of the "Six" in the Book of Changes, the "Nine" is set to the negative number, and the "Nine" is set as the positive number. On the 9th of the month, the sun and the moon merged with each other, and the two and nine were heavy, so they were called Chongyang, and they were also called Jiujiu. The Double Ninth Festival was formed as early as the Warring States Period. In the Tang Dynasty, Chongyang was officially designated as a folk festival, and it has since passed through the dynasties. The folks have a custom of ascending on that day, so the Double Ninth Festival is also known as the "Ascendant Festival", in addition to the sayings of the festival, the Chrysanthemum Festival and so on. When people celebrate the Double Ninth Festival, they generally climb up, appreciate chrysanthemums, drink chrysanthemum wine, transplant rice, and eat cakes. In addition, since the "Nine-Nine-Nine" homophony in the early September of September is "long-term" and has a long-term meaning, it is often used to worship the ancestors and promote the activities of respecting the elderly and worshiping the filial piety.Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.

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