Welcome to the 124th Canton Fair!

yh January 01,1970

    Welcome to the 124th Canton Fair! 4 days from the opening.

    The Canton Fair's import exhibition area provides an opportunity for overseas companies to enter China's huge consumer market. Overseas exhibitors have participated in various innovative products, and they have also gained more room for development while continuously meeting the growing needs of Chinese consumers. A small Korean home appliance company began to enter the Chinese market with the Canton Fair in October 2011. In just a few years, it has opened more than 50 physical stores in China, and its annual sales growth is gratifying. The Cascade Company of the United Kingdom not only obtained a large number of orders at the Canton Fair, but exceeded expectations. They began to consider shifting their business focus from “buy from China” to “sell to China”. A person in charge of a kitchen company in Turkey said, “Even if it is a small part of the Chinese market, it is a huge business for most companies.”

    The Canton Fair's Import Pavilion helps overseas companies to explore the huge potential of the Chinese market, allowing them to share the vast resources of the Canton Fair and provide an open and effective platform for them to sell their products to the global market.

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