The development Training of Fortovan Flooring

yisainuo January 01,1970

On March 4 to March 5, all of our partners in Henan Fortovan took part in a outdoor military training, during these two days, we are acting just like the soliders, keep strict rules and doing our best to finish our task. We are very thankful to our excellent trainers, one famale trainer, our leading trainer, named Yeying and the other two named Tianyu, and Xingzhe, they are quite professional and responsible for this training.


The first day we got up at 6:00 and gathered near the company, it took us 1 hour to get the training camp, named Longfu Shanzhuang, it is a place where many of the training groups take their train.

In the morning of the first day, we get trained of the lesson "military routine", it includes the basic rules of military train, such as attention, at ease, right-dress, left- dress, eyes front, count off, call the roll, roll call, here,halt, close, left- face(turn left), right-face(turn right), about-face(about turn), forward-march(march off), it just reminds me of the school life when we are young, professional and strict, we enjoyed our time with trainer and our partner in Henan Fortovan Technology.


In the afternoon, we were trained the "Trust fall", as we know, it is some kind of dangerous, but it is quite safe because there are some many of our trusted colleagues standing below with their hands together to keep us away from falling directly to the ground, protecing us and keeping us from danger. First of all, the trainer tied our two hands together, and before I fell, I asked our partners below the high platform who is forming a safe net with their hands "Dear partners, are you ready to get me safe?" with loud voice, and the respond me loudly and firm "Yes, we are", at the moment I get their respond, I have no worry about my safety, and just fell directly to their hands, I feel great, and very proud of my confidence and their kindness and attention.


The development Training of Fortovan Flooring

During these two days, we also enjoyed the tain named "Crazy market", "Seven-piece puzzle" "Escape wall training" "Long life journey", it is great and meaningful, during this training, we got to know more about our life and the problems in our work, it helps us to find out our short coming and it forced us to overcome it and get stronger and stronger.


The development Training of Fortovan Flooring

Thanks for our CEO Mr. Kang provided us with such a good oppurtunity to get this training, we enjoyed the training and will do our best after training. After training, we get to know more about how to solve problems for work, especially as sales, we need to focus on customer service, offer what customers need. Meanwhile the quality also matters, only by supplying customers with good quality products and service, we can grow our business better and better.


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