Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation

yisainuo January 01,1970

Vinyl flooring is resilient with modern appearance.

As the saying goes: "the durability of vinyl floor depends on two aspects, one is product itself which accounts for 30%, the other is installation which accounts for 70%." Thus it can be seen the importance of installation

Fortovan floor recommends you to go through the installation procedure as given below before the installation


Step1: Measurement the room

Step2: Keep the surface of subfloor dry and smoothly

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation

Step3: Keep vinyl sheet acclimatization enough

Step4: Fix covings strip on the corner of the wall

Step5: Place the sheet on the sub floor

Step6: Glue the floor

Step7: Welding line for the floor juncture place

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation

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