Warmly celebrate the successful celebration of Henan Yonghe Huaye Technology Co., Ltd.!

yh January 01,1970

Zhengzhou on December 8th has just experienced a baptism of heavy snow, and the chill outside the window has become more pressing. The new office is warm and full of laughter. Today is a special day. On the day of the relocation of Henan Yonghe Huaye Technology Co., Ltd., we will gather together and celebrate together.

Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.

We are very grateful to the friends from all over the world! Your arrival is not only a blessing to the company's move, but also makes every Chinese person feel the warmth of winter! This move not only improved the company's office conditions and the company's environment, but also heralded the company's future development prospects. Starting today, we will open a new page, which marks the company has taken a new step, will be presented to everyone with a new look, to serve our customers with new ideas and quality!

Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.

In the atmosphere of a happy and moving house, we can feel the thriving life of the new office everywhere! As a company employee, in addition to cheering for the head office's move, we must keep up with the company's development. With the company's broader platform, we will work harder with more high-spirited spirits to achieve greater growth and gains together with the company!

Henan Fortovan Technology Co.,Ltd.

In the era of vigorously promoting science and technology and environmental protection, we are also at the forefront, as well as experienced and courageous development of technology research and development teams. We believe that under the leadership of the general manager and company leaders, Henan Yonghe Huaye Technology Co., Ltd. will be full of vigor and vitality with its new style, inspiring all colleagues to keep pace with the times, pioneering and innovating, and strive to create a region. Strong brand!

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